28 December 2005

Christmas with the Connellys

Another great Chrissy motor boating with the Connellys.

Chris got a motorbike.

Sunshine and I had a mini epic trying to find a climbing crag at Nelson Bay.

Richard and his daughters came boating with us. Richard and I did an epic tubing leg across the bay

More photos here.

20 December 2005

Replaced Inverter

Went to see Battery World at Warners Bay to have my inverter checked as it wasn't powering some appliances, namely the laptop. They checked it, and while it did power up their drill on inspection, they did notice the red fault light flashing on briefly when the inverter was switched on and off. They took the inverter away for warranty checking.

1 week later, they sent me a new inverter - but sadly it is not powering the laptop! Perhaps there is something wrong with my laptop's powerpack. I have no trouble using it on 240 V, but it seems to not get enough from the inverter's 240 from 12.

16 December 2005

Gee I love Tasmania

Sunshine and I just arrived home from Tasmania. We spent 10 days walking, shopping, climbing, moblogging and talking at TasLearnscope05.

If you haven't already, you can get the picture at my flickr account, and our moblog.

Highlights for me where climbing in Freycinet, walking up the Acropolis, shopping in Hobart, and a delayed flight home that had to circle 5 times right over the Blue Mountains on sunset!

I can't rave long enough about Tasmania. It has such intense history, amazing wilderness (getting logged faster than you can say World Heritage), fantastic people (even the ones in utes with bumper stickers reading "fertilise the bush, doze in a greeny" are... thought provoking).

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