30 July 2011

Guthega Trig, Consett Stephen Pass, Mount Tate

I got up at 5 this morning, and rode to Thor's, from where we drove to Thor's mate Billy, and we all headed up to Guthega for a windy day on the Trig to Consett Stephen Pass, and onto Mount Tate. I was on some borrowed leathers and skinnies, and had a bit of a bad time on them, wishing for my solid fatties and plastics, with trusty skins to get me up there. Billy was impressive though, his skills in leather ankle boots and skinnies, better than most new-school skiers I've seen. Check out the reo he pulls on the cornice, first time without the camera was even better. Finding these perfect snow slopes off Gill's Nob made the day. Video was shot and edited all on the phone!

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23 July 2011

Eve goes ice skating

Canberra City Centre has an ice skating rink set up. Sunshine had free tickets, so we took Eve. She barely fit into the strap ons, but loved it all the same. She's very attached to mum these days. Won't let her out of her sight!