30 May 2005

Chris and Amanda Visit

My old friends Chris and Amanda visited us over the weekend. It was great to see them again. Sunshine and I showed them around the Mountains which put on a lovely show for us all.

We ate out at Cafe Zuppa where Chris told me of his plan to start manufacturing active wear back in Taiwan. I'm looking foward to seeing his products as I can see his been putting a bit of thought into the designs and stuff.

The highlight of the day for me was the visit to Evan's Lookout in the afternoon. Perfect light in perfect weather really made for some nice views and pictures.

25 May 2005

Service time

I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to drop the van in for the general service. I think I'm actually about 4oookms over due! But I just called CBB and have it booked in for this Friday 27 May. CBB general service costs $85 plus parts. Pretty good actually.

Now I need to renew my driver's license! Just realised its 10 days over due! Gawd! On top of all the other day to day things, how do people keep on top of stuff when they're cooped up in an office 5 days during all business hours? Life!

On the way in to Arapiles