02 September 2007

New Fisher Cleanair fire box

We scored a Fisher Blenheim Cleanair fire yesterday. It is approved by the Ministry for the Environment for use. Today we have built a harth to the specifications on the Fisher website. We used old studs for a frame, steel reinforcing rods from the old chimney, and 160kg of concrete exactly. We plan to build a brick back from the old bricks from the chimney. We still need to buy a flu kit. Taking photos as we go, will add them when all is done.

The new window is almost complete. Last layer of plaster is drying. Will sand and paint tomorrow.

New Kitchen




01 September 2007

Wedding gifts?

About a wedding gift.. We have added a little 'chip in' widget to our Life in the South blog. Its in the right hand column and is a money thing. We are trying to save up for building a deck, and thought this might be useful for us and those coming to the wedding. There is more information about our renovations over at 100 Somerville.

We feel very strange about preempting gifts and stuff, and simply can't bring ourselves to prepare any sort of gift list or anything (all respect to those who do). And even with this little 'chip in' thing, we would not be offended at all if anyone came to see us without a gift! Its a big enough gift just to have our friends, family and their loved ones travel all this way to be with us, so please don't look at this as any sign of expectation of a gift.

As a mate pointed out, as much as we might try and say please no gifts - everyone brings gifts to a wedding, so setting up a simple thing like this will help people out who are having to travel as well. We figured that this method would be easier than transporting or posting a gift.

Please note. The 'chip in' widget can take a little while to load - especially for those who are not on broadband (you poor souls :) so give it a little while, if it doesn't show - then refresh the browser. If it still doesn't show, then hop on down to an Internet cafe or local library and try there. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!