22 August 2008

Mount Pisgah

Mike and I took Thursday off, took the dogs and went on the hunt for snow within 1 1/2 hours from Dunedin. We found Mount Pisgah and skied a delightful run from 1600 down to 900 masl. According to the farmer who confronted us on our way out, he'd never seen skiers up there before, and he looked like he'd been around a while. I got his number and plan to go back, especially if it snows again.

10 August 2008

Another trip to Fox Peak

Nicky took me to Fox Peak and introduced me to her ski touring buddies. We all had a lovely 2 days hanging out at Fox. First day was pretty tough skiing crusty snow. Second day was better, helped the locals dig out the top rope tow on our way skinning up towards the Peak for a great run down.