30 December 2004

Wollamgambe 2

Sunshine, Mum and I down the Wollamgambe Creek Section 2, by far the best section of the canyon yet! Unfortunately I ran out of film before the last bit which happens to be the most beautiful... Mum made it no worries.

23 December 2004

Bardens Lookout

Another great day out on Bluey Cliffs. This time an early call from Richard had me out at Bardens Lookout, near Mount York, climbing some fine lines.
The cliffs look out West over the Hartley Valley and the highway decent off the mountains from Mount Victoria, so the sun comes onto the Cliffs after midday.
We had to contend with a few mozzies today, which was the only downer worth mentioning.
Daemon powered up a 24 at the end of the day, and I was doing OK, leading up a couple of 19s and 20s. Things are looking better for me and my climbing strength.

21 December 2004

Wollamgambe 1

Had a great day today with Sunshine and her little brother Chris, doing the first section of the Wollamgambe Creek Canyon.
It was a top 25-degree day while we floated down the canyon on KMart LiLos and a truck tire tube. The Tire tube turned out to be better as it was tougher and easier to carry, but it was slower to paddle. Next time a might take a snow shovel as a paddle.
I found a really nice climb over water in which I got about 5 meters up before letting go. There's probably a lot more round if you look.
Took a drive around Mount Wilson after the canyon, and what a fancy town of mansions that place is. A really scenic little drive worth doing.

20 December 2004

The VW website

The vw web site is a fine example of Flash design. A very good site for promotion and marketing, designed to compliment the VW experience.

However, its not very useful to me, a second hand VW owner looking for parts and mechanical service in my area. So, VW Australia could make a dramatic improvement to its Internet service by compiling a list of links to all those VW enthusiasts out there that help to make the VW name.

18 December 2004

The Freezer

Went out today with Richard, Daemon and James to the Freezer - a crag with a big range of sport grades.
Richard flashed a 22 called Swalk, and Daemon a 25 that I can't remember the name of.
I on the other hand have not yet come back to leading anything and am still only climbing 19-20 at a struggle.
The picture is of a pretty amazing little bridge that joins the two sections of the crags. Its a fair old drop below (about 30 metres) and the stance on the log is pretty hairy at times.

What's in the Logo?

What can anyone tell me about the logo? Who designed it? Does it have extra meaning, does it Symbolise something else?

Like most European car logo designs, VW is just down right nice, but I have heard all sorts of talk - like the one about if you spin the logo the VW makes a Swastika...? Is it true?

17 December 2004

New York

A trip to New York, Blue Mountains that is. I really nice walk in, with a variety of climbing. I'm still climbing badly though, can't get my head together - glad Richard likes leading for the meantime.

Celebrity Crag

Richard and I went for our first climb in about 8 years! Richard chose the lovely Celebrity Crag to start us off and what a spot! Very scenic, quiet on a week day, shade in the morning, good rock, nice 17 - 23 climbs, and big vistas for lunch.

Claustral Canyon

What a classic canyon. It was a lot longer and harder than I remembered it to be, but it was great to introduce Sunshine to a more adventurous canyon.
We started typically late, leaving the car at about 11am. With only 3 of us, we were back in the car just before dark (daylight savings). All of us were pretty tired at the end of it - the walk out, though scenic, is pretty exhausting.

16 December 2004

BioDiesel my VW

When my petrol engine dies, I think/hope that bio diesel will be more readily available. I will be sure to buy and install a VW diesel engine when that time comes.

My Van

I'd been keeping an eye on the Internet for a van for some time. In the last month I had decided to only look for VW Transporters. They were cheaper than other quality 2nd hand vans, safer, and I reckon they are better designed.

At first I was looking for a Toyota Hiace, but the price for those little things is just outrageous!

For a 1990's 2L Fuel Injected petrol Hiace under 100 000km you might be looking at anywhere between 10 and $16 000!

For a 199o's 2L Fuel Injected petrol VW Transporter under 100 000km you'll find one easily for under $10 000. I found one in excellent condition with 88 000km for $7500.

Granted, that in Australia the Toyota is cheaper with spare parts, but if you think you are going to be spending between $2000 and $8000 on spare parts after you buy a van with only 100 000km, then you might like to think again.

So I went for the VW. It's roomier, stronger, has more clearance, and is loved by those who work on them.

There are little things wrong with it. Typically the side door pops off its rear latch so that it is not shut snug, but I've already driven it in a down poor and not a drop got in. But I'd like it off my mind, so first thing will be to adjust its latch.

The air vents are not that great either, sometimes blowing hot air in when I only want fresh and cool...

But these a very minor things really. The engine runs great, the transmission is solid, suspension and brakes great, and the body and chassis are rust free. Needless to say I'm pretty happy with my new 2nd hand Vee Dub.