17 December 2004

Claustral Canyon

What a classic canyon. It was a lot longer and harder than I remembered it to be, but it was great to introduce Sunshine to a more adventurous canyon.
We started typically late, leaving the car at about 11am. With only 3 of us, we were back in the car just before dark (daylight savings). All of us were pretty tired at the end of it - the walk out, though scenic, is pretty exhausting.


Toni Lee said...

Goodness Leigh - do you really think I am canyoning material? Perhaps I should just get a nice tea brewing for your return.

Leigh Blackall said...

No worries Mum! We won't do anything quite like Claustral. We'll do an easier one with just the right amount of adventure for you.

Toni Lee said...

Well that's a relief!!! Can tell you I'm really looking forward to a "mountain change" - the holiday makers have hit Byron like never before - you can't even get into the ocean with a Boogie Board - there simply doesn't seem to be room.