16 December 2004

My Van

I'd been keeping an eye on the Internet for a van for some time. In the last month I had decided to only look for VW Transporters. They were cheaper than other quality 2nd hand vans, safer, and I reckon they are better designed.

At first I was looking for a Toyota Hiace, but the price for those little things is just outrageous!

For a 1990's 2L Fuel Injected petrol Hiace under 100 000km you might be looking at anywhere between 10 and $16 000!

For a 199o's 2L Fuel Injected petrol VW Transporter under 100 000km you'll find one easily for under $10 000. I found one in excellent condition with 88 000km for $7500.

Granted, that in Australia the Toyota is cheaper with spare parts, but if you think you are going to be spending between $2000 and $8000 on spare parts after you buy a van with only 100 000km, then you might like to think again.

So I went for the VW. It's roomier, stronger, has more clearance, and is loved by those who work on them.

There are little things wrong with it. Typically the side door pops off its rear latch so that it is not shut snug, but I've already driven it in a down poor and not a drop got in. But I'd like it off my mind, so first thing will be to adjust its latch.

The air vents are not that great either, sometimes blowing hot air in when I only want fresh and cool...

But these a very minor things really. The engine runs great, the transmission is solid, suspension and brakes great, and the body and chassis are rust free. Needless to say I'm pretty happy with my new 2nd hand Vee Dub.


Anonymous said...

Rhea here... I agree with Aaron, Leigh was always a hippy waiting to come out... he was around briefly with the green combi van, beads and trips to Byron, now he is back and dating a girl called Sunshine. Hippy!!
Love the car Leigh, it looks great... am glad you now have wheels for adventures.

Toni Lee said...

You should see the weird and wonderful artwork on all the Wicked Travel vans in Byron. Yep, yours looks like it's yet to morf into something else.