21 December 2004

Wollamgambe 1

Had a great day today with Sunshine and her little brother Chris, doing the first section of the Wollamgambe Creek Canyon.
It was a top 25-degree day while we floated down the canyon on KMart LiLos and a truck tire tube. The Tire tube turned out to be better as it was tougher and easier to carry, but it was slower to paddle. Next time a might take a snow shovel as a paddle.
I found a really nice climb over water in which I got about 5 meters up before letting go. There's probably a lot more round if you look.
Took a drive around Mount Wilson after the canyon, and what a fancy town of mansions that place is. A really scenic little drive worth doing.


Toni Lee said...

Now this looks more like my sort of canyon.
Sure hope my spring suit fits.