28 January 2007

Mum and Colin's visit

Mum and Colin came to visit for just over a week. We drove out to Milford Sound and stayed a night up at Homer Tunnel. Perfectly clear weather! On the way back we walked to Lake Marian which was probably the highlight for us - so beautiful! We then drove through Queenstown and stayed a night on the Crown Range where we got to see the comet in full glory.

Back in Dunedin, we went to see the Albatross and Sean Lions, and while I was at work, Mum and Colin did a number of day walks.

It was a nice visit - here's some photos.

21 January 2007


Richard, Jarrah and Meg came over to see us over the new year period. We all drove up the West Coast and hung out in Dunedin after that. My favorite places would have to be Makarora over the Haast Pass:

Photo by csauerland

and Arthurs Pass:

Photo by Bev and Steve

100 or more photos are over on my flickr
Jarrah started a blog too! which has accounts of the trip.

Leigh and Sunshine to marry!!

September 30 is our big day! Sunshine's been wearing that rock on here beautiful hand for long enough, so its time she got a dress and me a best man and we fixed for good. We chose September for the possible skiing - seeing as we're asking our friends and relatives to come to NZ. We're still working out where in NZ, but its looking very much like it will be in Dunedin. I'm checking out Arthur's Pass and a place in McKenzie country, but Dunedin may turn out to be all around easier. The skiing bit will be in the week or two before September 30 (cover permitting) but at the very least we should try and get to the mountains to see the end of winter cover before seeing Sunshine in hers.