22 August 2011

Outback Old Matt

Old mate Matt Jones, down from the Northern Territory, or more recently - Queensland, came with me into another type of Australian Outback, up Guthega Trig for a little walk, and a look, and a try at skiing. Can't say he enjoyed the skiing part, but I think he appreciated the views.

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14 August 2011

Guthega, Farm Creek, The Paralyser, back to Guthega

Thor and I headed out expecting powder, but were disapointed to find rain washed snow, breakable crust, and an all over ice sheet. Climbing up Farm Creek to the saddle and then around to The Paralyser was lovey though, easy going, through beautiful snow gums. Taking our time allowed the sun to soften the snow in time for a great fun cruise back down through the trees. We spotted some nice looking intermediate and accessible terrain for when the snow is good.

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