19 September 2011

Outback Watsons

Thor, Robbie and I camped at Island Bend on Friday night, so we could get an early start from Guthega, up Mount Twynam. The walk to the suspension bridge over the Snowy River was almost completely without snow. Reliably the snow was all the way to the river on the other side though, and our climb to Twynam and then onto Watsons Crags was straight forward.

The winds on Saturday were to be very strong through the night, so we dug in up a north arm of Strzelecki Creek. With an outstanding view across Carruthers Peak to Mount Townsend, we sat drinking miso soup, discussing our next trip all the way to Townsend.

The skiing was beautiful spring corn, delivering us far down steep valleys, for punishingly hot climbs back out. A great weekend.

Here's a video I made of it.

Here's the map

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