23 August 2005

New Mechanic for servicing

Changed mechanics recently. I needed someone local as I'm not commuting to Penrith everyday now. I took the recommendation of a friend and went with George at Blackheath Automotive. They're pricey but I think they're good.

George has improved the fuel flow problem that wasn't fixed by the new airflow meter, and he is very thorough with services.

This service at meter: 113016

Lubrication Service
Replaced engine oil and filter
Checked condition and adjustment of fan belts
Inspected and topped up battery levels, window washers, break fluid, transmission and diffs
Inspected cooling system components for leaks and deterioration, and checked coolant concentration
Checked tyre pressures (including spare) and lubed door hinges and latches
Checked lights, horn, wipers and washers
Safety inspection and report

Tune up
Remove and replace spark plugs
Inspect condition of ignition primary and secondary systems
Check operation mechanical and vacuum advance systems
replace fuel filter and air filter element
adjust ignition timing to manufacturer's specifications
Clean throttle body or grime deposits
Adjusted idle speed and idle mixtures to specs

Brake service
Remove wheels and inspect condition of discs, pads, and rotors
inspect calipers and hydro hoses
Check rear wheel cylinders for leakage and seizure, clean
Refit wheel and adjust brakes to correct freeplay
Check and adjust park break

Replace wiper blades

Rear break drums need replacing