23 August 2005

New Mechanic for servicing

Changed mechanics recently. I needed someone local as I'm not commuting to Penrith everyday now. I took the recommendation of a friend and went with George at Blackheath Automotive. They're pricey but I think they're good.

George has improved the fuel flow problem that wasn't fixed by the new airflow meter, and he is very thorough with services.

This service at meter: 113016

Lubrication Service
Replaced engine oil and filter
Checked condition and adjustment of fan belts
Inspected and topped up battery levels, window washers, break fluid, transmission and diffs
Inspected cooling system components for leaks and deterioration, and checked coolant concentration
Checked tyre pressures (including spare) and lubed door hinges and latches
Checked lights, horn, wipers and washers
Safety inspection and report

Tune up
Remove and replace spark plugs
Inspect condition of ignition primary and secondary systems
Check operation mechanical and vacuum advance systems
replace fuel filter and air filter element
adjust ignition timing to manufacturer's specifications
Clean throttle body or grime deposits
Adjusted idle speed and idle mixtures to specs

Brake service
Remove wheels and inspect condition of discs, pads, and rotors
inspect calipers and hydro hoses
Check rear wheel cylinders for leakage and seizure, clean
Refit wheel and adjust brakes to correct freeplay
Check and adjust park break

Replace wiper blades

Rear break drums need replacing

13 August 2005

Bike Dogging to Pulpit and Anvil Rock

Sunshine, the dogs and I have just returned from a pretty good bike dogging leg. We drove out to Hat Hill Rd, along it a bit, and bike dogged it down to Pulpit Rock, then on the Anvil Rock. Nice trip, easy going, dogs did well.


Pulpit Rock 2

Pulpit Rock

12 August 2005

It snowed up here again!

Its been pretty cold of late, and the day before yesterday snow flacks were being blown all around, but nothing settled. Then over night it managed to settle a bit, giving as a glorious morning!


Here's the temperature inside at 8 in the morning:


It was Blackish's first time to see snow. It was funny to watch her running around in the deck, slipping and having big stacks!


Bike Dogging to Victoria Falls

bike dogging 06

Went Bike Dogging again on Sunday. This time Sunshine came along. We ate lunch atthe Yum Cha place at Mount Victoria, then road down to Victoria Falls. Nice views and the dogs did well. I've since harnessed them up in line, rather then side by side, as Mistisa is clearly the lead dog, while Blackish does better as a second.

bike dogging 05

bike dogging 04

bike dogging 03

bike dogging 01

bike dogging 02

Mount Vic Flicks to see "What the Bleep do we Know?"

Went to Mount Vic Flicks for the first time on Sunday. We saw What the Bleep do we Know, an interesting film about neuro science, quantam mechanics, the soul and spirituality, and human conciousness and nature!! Heavy going hey? It was pretty thought provoking.

But Mount Vic Flicks is pretty charming. Nice old style cinema still selling chock cones. I hope these types of cinemas keep it going. Here's a shot of the screen...


and another before the film


Posters in Katoomba

I've noticed the poster poles in town recently. A couple on there caught my eye. Here's one that appeared to be screen printed:


And another interesting adaption of the old ripticket style. Interesting style and content of course!