09 January 2006

The Sony's adapter is not compatible

Have now learned from Warners Bay Battery World that my Sony laptop (vaio vgn-b77gp) ac adapter is incompatible with the inverter I use to regulate power from my dual battery set up! Apparently this is not a common problem with most laptops, and I'm about to contact Sony to find out what makes theirs so special.

My inverter is a common modified square sine wave. The adapter requires me to get a pure sine (big upgrade). Am contacting sony to find out if an alternative adapter can be used.

More reading on inverters.

After a 20 minute call hold with Sony, I got through and described the problem. The support guy could not recommend any other adapter! He has referred it to the Sony research team, but couldn't help me further.. I asked if the research unit will get back to me with a solution - he said no. I explained that I have a problem and feel that Sony should help me further seeing as it is apparently a problem unique to Sony. He has put me through to customer relations...

10 minutes more wait, and Sony relations tells me I should see a service centre. They recommended Smith Western Electronics 3-4 Dean Place Penrith 47315277. I called Smith Western, turns out they don't service laptops!

Stuffed if I'm waiting another 20 minutes for Sony phone support. Back on their website to find a more appropriate service centre myself! Needless to say I'm fuming right now!

From the list of service centers, I got through to AV CENTRAL CANBERRA, 11 WHYALLA STREET, FYSHWICK 2609 ACT. Ph: 02 6124 0888 put me on hold for another 10 minutes, this time on long distance charges! Why am I ringing around? What is Sony's support line for anyway? I can't afford to ring around like this. Back to Sony's non support. Surely they can find an alternative AC adapter for me.

Wow! I got through almost straight away this time, and the fella is a little more sympathetic. I'm on hold while he looks into it... Nope. He says there is no other adapter! What a joke. I want a refund! Back to make a very strong complaint...

I can't believe this laptop only accepts a Sony adapter. I can't believe Sony support can't help me and find an appropriate adapter. I'll say it again, my inverter is common, many people use batteries and inverters as power sources - such as people in camper vans like me, and people on alternative power! I realise that's not a big market for Sony, but I'll make sure this blog entry reaches far and wide!

20 minutes later, and I'm still on hold to make a complaint. grrr.

They hung up on me! The line went dead, you know, the beeps! I can't believe this! I'm fired enough to take this all the way!

So I've called head office (
(02) 9887 6666 and spoke to a lovely lady who has given me the email address of the executive in charge of customer relations - Celest Rodriguez. Man! I hope Celest has something to smooth the waters... All I need is an alternative AC adapter, and a stiff drink!

06 January 2006

Visit to Jenolan Caves

We've had Aunty Mary out from the Philippines for the past few days. Unfortunately its been cold and rainy for those days. So we went out to the Jenolan Caves for the day. Lucas Cave was pretty good, they even have musical concerts in there twice a month.

Here's the rest of the photos.

01 January 2006

Our New Years Eve

Sunshine and I went canoeing for new year's eve. F@%k it was hot! Somewhere in the 40's I reckon!

We drove down from the mountains (dum move actually - as it just got hotter), through the Wollemi National Park, down to the Colo River.

It was very crowded and all campsites were booked out. We ended up finding an unlocked gate and set up camp on someone's land. Turned out the landowner lives in Tasmania, so we had a good 2kms of river front all to ourselves.

We put the canoe in at around 7pm for some on dusk, glassy water paddling. It was very peaceful.

After dinner, we watched a DVD on the laptop, had a few drinks and went to bed. Unfortunately we didn't get much sleep on account of some furious mozzie action, even with a net over us, and some extreme heat. Man! summer can be rotten. Bringing the fan was a very good idea!!

The next day, it was just too hot and windy (even at 7 am in the morning) to think about more paddling. We drove back up the mountians and put the canoe in at Dam Cliffs. Much nicer, less crowded, cooler water.

Life in the mountains is so much nicer. That'll be the last time we take a holiday anywhere other than the mountains!

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