09 January 2006

The Sony's adapter is not compatible

Have now learned from Warners Bay Battery World that my Sony laptop (vaio vgn-b77gp) ac adapter is incompatible with the inverter I use to regulate power from my dual battery set up! Apparently this is not a common problem with most laptops, and I'm about to contact Sony to find out what makes theirs so special.

My inverter is a common modified square sine wave. The adapter requires me to get a pure sine (big upgrade). Am contacting sony to find out if an alternative adapter can be used.

More reading on inverters.

After a 20 minute call hold with Sony, I got through and described the problem. The support guy could not recommend any other adapter! He has referred it to the Sony research team, but couldn't help me further.. I asked if the research unit will get back to me with a solution - he said no. I explained that I have a problem and feel that Sony should help me further seeing as it is apparently a problem unique to Sony. He has put me through to customer relations...

10 minutes more wait, and Sony relations tells me I should see a service centre. They recommended Smith Western Electronics 3-4 Dean Place Penrith 47315277. I called Smith Western, turns out they don't service laptops!

Stuffed if I'm waiting another 20 minutes for Sony phone support. Back on their website to find a more appropriate service centre myself! Needless to say I'm fuming right now!

From the list of service centers, I got through to AV CENTRAL CANBERRA, 11 WHYALLA STREET, FYSHWICK 2609 ACT. Ph: 02 6124 0888 put me on hold for another 10 minutes, this time on long distance charges! Why am I ringing around? What is Sony's support line for anyway? I can't afford to ring around like this. Back to Sony's non support. Surely they can find an alternative AC adapter for me.

Wow! I got through almost straight away this time, and the fella is a little more sympathetic. I'm on hold while he looks into it... Nope. He says there is no other adapter! What a joke. I want a refund! Back to make a very strong complaint...

I can't believe this laptop only accepts a Sony adapter. I can't believe Sony support can't help me and find an appropriate adapter. I'll say it again, my inverter is common, many people use batteries and inverters as power sources - such as people in camper vans like me, and people on alternative power! I realise that's not a big market for Sony, but I'll make sure this blog entry reaches far and wide!

20 minutes later, and I'm still on hold to make a complaint. grrr.

They hung up on me! The line went dead, you know, the beeps! I can't believe this! I'm fired enough to take this all the way!

So I've called head office (
(02) 9887 6666 and spoke to a lovely lady who has given me the email address of the executive in charge of customer relations - Celest Rodriguez. Man! I hope Celest has something to smooth the waters... All I need is an alternative AC adapter, and a stiff drink!


Leigh Blackall said...

Many weeks later and still no reply from Celest. Though I did just receive a call from a friendly support person. It wasn't about the adapter though I was sure to chase it up. He's looking into it for me...