10 February 2006

Packed up. Bye bye Blue Mountains :(

I've landed a F/T job in Dunedin, New Zealand. We're shipping off in 2 weeks and we're getting rid of everything to make a light load. Sunshine and I are very sad to leave, as the mountains has given us a beautiful life style. We had a very good house with a secure yard for the dogs and easy access to some wonderful walks. But its bye bye Blue Mountains, hello Dunedin.

We're excited about moving to New Zealand actually. We love mountains obviously, and NZ has quite a few of those. Dunedin is a lovely town, with plenty of interesting shops and sights to visit. See the pictures I took on our first visit.

So this blog has changed from "Life in the Mountains" to "Life in the South". The URL has to change too. http://lifesouth.blogspot.com

See you over there.