20 February 2009

my 20 minute ride to work

Just thought I'd try out the edupov.com video camera glasses to record the ride to work


Michael said...

Ok - get the drift. Camera does a good job. Wanna try an audio narration next time? Watched about 5 mins - you have a nice ride to work!

Leigh Blackall said...

:) all about authenticity of the ride here Mike. I don't usually talk to myself on a ride into work.. not unless I am having a pretty hard time there. Mind you I don't normally video record it either... Important that the video capture the monotony of the ride as well. Can't have you thinking its all lovely lovely ;)

Deborah said...

I felt frustrated that you didn't look up more! It reminded me that a boyfriend of mine once told me that I look at my feet a lot when I'm walking. I reflected upon that - it was true - I feel like I need to look at my feet more than he did because I'm nowhere near as surefooted. What I'm saying is that maybe it would be better if you mounted the camera on your forehead at a tilt (on the top of my head if it was me cycling).

Leigh Blackall said...

Funny you should mention that Deb, I though the same thing and so proposed this: HeadtorchPOV

Aaron said...

I could barely watch! You've gone soft riding down the ramp instead of taking the stairs.

Glasses suit you though - and the video looks to be pretty good quality.

It's funny - you can tell when you are getting into that meditative bike state where you just focus on the road. boring to watch but interesting as it is probably something that it's often captured - doesn't make for great viewing - but I get it.

Can you adjust the camera angle? It maybe that you head is slightly down but your vision is ahead? Actually it probably mirrors the kind of issues I first had when I started wearing glasses. I had to start using my head to look around rather than just moving my eyes.

I bet the angle of your vision would be quite different for a bush run or to a place that you'd never been to before. It seems like you have stopped looking around and are just doing the work on the bike to get you into the office.