19 July 2010

Out back Guthega

I had the most outstanding day in the back country skiing yesterday. Thanks to Sunshine for letting me escape baby duty for the day :)

Here's the video on Youtube (and on Blip)

The video is pretty long and indulgent on my part sorry (8.46min). It captures a memory for me, so I don't mind so much... a had-to-be-there thing. Hope you all get through at least one sitting. The music should see you through at least, 2 tracks from CCMixter:
  1. "Just so Picky" by Speck
  2. "Through the Edge" by PorchCat
I watched the weather all week, with a large low pressure front chock full of moisture coming down to dump a bunch of snow on Wednesday and Thursday, followed by a dry high pressure Southerly to keep the conditions cold and dry, but letting the sun shine through to soften off any crust. I was skinning my way out back bright and early on Saturday morning :)

Here's the photos on Picasa (and Flickr).

Eve woke at 5am - quick nappy change and pass to mummy in bed, and I was out the door for a 3 hour drive to Guthega. Skipped Cooma for a more reasonably priced breakfast at Berridale, then on past Jindabyne and up the range. Was on skis and crossing the Guthega dam wall at 9am.  

Here's the map.

View Mount Tate and Mount Anderson in a larger map

From Guthega Village (the lift station) drop down the road to the Dam. Cross the Dam and follow the track to the upper reaches of the North arm about 1km until you see a foot bridge crossing the Guthega River. Either continue on the east bank of the river to access the pass, or cross the bridge and continue on the river bank up to access Mount Tate. Others seem to head straight up the East face of Tate East Ridge and follow the ridge line from there.


Anonymous said...

I can't make it this year - but I will make it. It looks great Leigh - the telemarking I mean - not your manicured beard - let it grow!

secretsenor ;-]

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