24 October 2011

Mount Townsend

A few weeks ago, Robbie, Thor and I camped out on Watson's Crags, and admired the view and long steep runs coming down off Mount Townsend to Albina Lake and Lady Northcoat Canyon. Yesterday, Thor and I walked and skinned out to Townsend, and easily found the long line down. A fantastic line it was too! And we're talking late October here! People are sweating it out on the beach, just 3 hours drive from here!

The night before we drove up the Charlottes Pass, and camped under the veranda of the chalet. Next morning we walked to Seamam's Hut, dropped down to the Snowy, climbed up to Townsend, Dropped down below Lake Albina, climbed into Little Austria, Dropped down next to Club Lake and back to the Snowy River up to Charlottes, and home by 730pm.


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Heike said...

Looks like an awesome trip!