13 June 2005

Replaced the Air Flow Meter

After servicing, Mike said the airflow meter was on its way out and that I should replace it.

Had it done the next week, Mike did it while I waited.

He pulled off the dust cap and showed me the circuit track. Along the track I could see a small wear mark that apparently affects the range of movement the airflow meter can achieve.

The 2nd hand part cost $350 with $25 labour. While paying, I asked Mike about the excessive heat in the cock pit. He knew straight away what that was about, explaining that the shut valve to the heater coil had probably become weak from the water pressure. Mike described a fix were by he bridges the in pipe and the out pipe, relieving some of the pressure on the stop valve, allowing it to close more effectively. He quoted me $170, and I'll be sure to get it done before summer comes.