06 June 2005

We Have Wireless Broadband Now

So a lot of sitting by the fire tapping away at the Internet these days...


Anonymous said...

Liegh you have wireless
can I have it too
I live in Springwood. and live with my wife jenny and
3 kids and 3 chooks


Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Vespa_leader,

Great to get a local comment on my blog!

Springwood is too far away from me in Katoomba for us to share the one broadband account via a wireless modem. I wish we were neighbours, but then my dogs would have a fixation on your chooks ;)

What you need to do is take out a broadband account, then buy a wireless modem ($120).
The modem will work just the same as the one that the service provider sends you, but will transmit and receive the signal via wireless.
Then you need wireless enabled computers. Because you want wireless, I'm assuming that you have portable computers like laptops. If they are not wireless (WiFi) enabled, then you just need a little antena that plugs into the USB port.

Now that you have wireless access, ask your neighbors if they want to use it with you and share the bill!!