27 July 2005

Bike Dogging

I dunno about you guys, but the price of petrol is killing me!
So I've put my 2 over active dogs to good use, and started training them in bike dogging.

Here they are after a 1 hour ride through the bush! I gotta say, it was bloody great!

Here's a look at my bike dog harness, collars (am about to buy body harnesses) clipped in to a Y, clipped to a rope passing through some irrigation pip (prevents leg tangle) then about 1.5 m to the bike head tube. Its very easy to control (so long as you're a pretty experienced trail rider). Even when they make a dash for another dog (something I hope they'll grow or train out of) If I keep a strong line, they get pulled quite quickly back into line.
Soon we'll do a bike dogger through the local town ;)


roseg said...

I love seeing happy animals Leigh and your doggies seem to live a great life - lots of love and attention, heaps of exercise, opportunities to use skills etc. Good on ya for being such a good human. Wish there were more like you. :-) (Next time you're in the big smoke head for a fancy pet shop - you'll find it both hilarious and depressing)

Jo said...

Can't wait to see a picture of this contraption in action... especially if someone puts a chicken ahead of your team!!!!