19 July 2005

Jo's Walk

Jo came to visit last week. She took Sunshine and I on a nice walk that links Centenial Glen to Porter's Pass and accross to what I know as Celebrity Crag.

Here's the view back towards Centenial Glen and Porters Pass climbing area. We are about to climb up to Celebrity Crag. I spotted some good looking lines along this way.

Jo's favourite water fall is this little one, just down from Centenial Glen. When viewed straight on, the bolder at the bottom looks just like an elephant! Hence Jo's name for the falls - Elephant Falls.

And Centenial Glen is a beautiful place for walking under falls. Pitty about the erosion being caused by the climbers though.

We rested at Celebrity Crag while to our left a couple of climbers made their way up the cliffs. The dogs where well behaved on the walk, Mistisa's saddle bags slowing her down just a touch, and keeping her from running off too far.


Jo said...

That was a great holiday staying with you guys in Katoomba! Its amazing how warm it is now in Newcastle by comparison...No more complaints about the weather from me!
Can you put up a picture of Missy in her saddlebags so I can show the folks back home?
I look forward to going on some more walking adventures with you crew. Yes walking. Don't feel comfortable about letting my feet off the ground right now. :) Jo

Jo said...

I mean a detailed picture of Missy wearing backpack...

Leigh Blackall said...

Don't yet have a good picture of missy wearing her saddle bags, but the manufacturer's website has a few good pics.