23 June 2005

It Snowed Today!!

Yesturday it was sleet and hail. I was getting so excited, I called it snow!

Today though, it snowed for sure! About an inch of cover. Enough to clip sunshine into her skis and get pushed around the deck.

Our dog Mistisa has never seen snow before, she was quite curious about it, giving it a taste and eating it. Our other dog Black One, was in getting desexed this day so sadly missed it.

Aparently, it only seems to snow once in the Blue Mountains every year, and only lasts half a day at that. This snow melted on the same day, but was enough to get us amped for a ski trip down south.

13 June 2005

Replaced the Air Flow Meter

After servicing, Mike said the airflow meter was on its way out and that I should replace it.

Had it done the next week, Mike did it while I waited.

He pulled off the dust cap and showed me the circuit track. Along the track I could see a small wear mark that apparently affects the range of movement the airflow meter can achieve.

The 2nd hand part cost $350 with $25 labour. While paying, I asked Mike about the excessive heat in the cock pit. He knew straight away what that was about, explaining that the shut valve to the heater coil had probably become weak from the water pressure. Mike described a fix were by he bridges the in pipe and the out pipe, relieving some of the pressure on the stop valve, allowing it to close more effectively. He quoted me $170, and I'll be sure to get it done before summer comes.

Sunshine's New Bike

Sunshine picked up her new bike from the local shop today. A X hire bike, only 6 months old. Its in pretty good nick too!

We slept the night out at the end of Ridgewell Rd, and hopped on the bikes in the morning for a rideout to Hanging Rock/Anvel Rock.

It's a cruisy 3 km down to the lookout where you leave the bikes and stroll around some spectacular tracks. This is me not daring to jump across the gap.

The dogs came with us of course, they had no trouble keeping up but I don't think they could go that much further at the end of it all.

And it wasn't too bad riding back either!

12 June 2005

Climbing at Mount Boyce

Richard's brother Peter was keen to try out climbing for the first time today. Richard tool him to Mount Boyce for a taste on "The Erie". Peter's girlfirend Zoe found a safe pirch to watch from, where she snaped these pictures.

This is Peter seconding up the final pitch of "The Erie". What a great climb too! I'm sitting behind Richard up the top, belaying Sunshine up "Set, Piece, Battle", a harder climb at grade 14 (though I reckon its even harder again). If you look closely at the photo below you can see Sunshine about to sink her teeth into a steep section, while Peter prepares himself for stepping out of the cave on the erete.

06 June 2005

Mum's Visit

Mum came to visit over the weekend. Sunshine and I were recovering from colds so I hope we didn't pass it over to her. Cooked up a lamb roast, and mum chewed the bones by the fire, much to the dogs dismay!

We Have Wireless Broadband Now

So a lot of sitting by the fire tapping away at the Internet these days...

01 June 2005

Sunshine's Family Visit

Sunshine's parents, brother and sister came to stay over the weekend. Fen and Steve came to the pub where Sunshine used to work. I tool them all down to Mount Piddington the next day and belayed everyone of Hocus Pocus. It was funny to watch.