12 March 2005

Dual Battery Installed

Installed a big mother battery power system today. Cost me an arm and a leg though...

For $1630 I have:
Top of the line LifeLine battery with 100 amp hours = $400
Battery case with 2 little lighter sockets and a charge indicator = $80
A voltage sensitive relay to protect both batteries from discharge = $150
A Mobitronic battery charger to recharge from house hold mains = $150
One of those flexible solar sheets to trickle charge the battery = $245 (have to double check this price as it seems a bit up there)
A solar controller, bit like a valve to stop the solar panel discharging the battery at night = $50
And a 500W Xantrex inverter = $295 (Feel like I should have spent more on the inverter after all this. But only so Sunshine can use a hair drier ;)

labor and cabling was $260

So it all adds up all right! Will be testing it out next weekend on a little camping trip on the weekend. I have some paid work to finish off, so picture me, out there camping in the rain, sitting in the van running a laptop. :)