18 March 2005

Things To Check Up On

Having trouble getting hold of Custom Bugs and Buses... need them to check and fix a few things:

1. Fix the muffler - Mike estimated about $160 to replace the muffler.
2. Give the engine a clean.
3. Quote for a mesh bottomed, roof rack system?
4. Investigate why fuel efficency has gone down? from as good as 12km pL to as low as 8km pL these days! Would there have been something in the service (fuel filter?, Rotar? Oil?) that has affected this?


Leigh Blackall said...

Booked in for Thursday 31st to fix muffler and look at fuel consumption. Go to 21 Peach Tree Road Penrith. Along Mulgoa Road, under rail bridge, 2nd lights are left turn only - into Peach Tree Rd. To the end and around bend, CBB is in a big grey building.

Toni Lee said...

Turning into a very impressive Dub
Looking forward to showing it off in Byron Bay