05 March 2005

The Storage and Shelving Plan

Using the trusty old milk crate and ply, and sticking with the maximum versatility design concept, I plan to build this simple little storage, shelving, bench seat, table top solution.

4 Milk Crates and a Bit of Ply
This design allows me to either stack 2 milk crates on top of each other, behind both the driver's seat and the passenger seat, with a fold out table top bridging the two stacks. A little spacer stool/shelf sits 2 crates wide between them to add stability and offer under table shelving.

The design also allows me to remove the top two milk crates and stow them under the spacing self. The spacing shelf has fold out lids to cover the outside lower crates, offering a flush bench seat 1 crate high. The disused table simply folds up to stack on top of the bench seat/coffee table.

The 4 crates and ply design should be very cheap and easy to make, and extremely versatile in function. The items are all light and easy to move in and out of the van. The crates and ply can be set up quickly inside and out of the van so it can be placed by the campfire or snug inside.

With either the table or the bench configuration I can still fit 3 passengers on the rear seat with ample leg room.