04 March 2005

Rear Seat/Bed

After ringing all the wreckers, asking anyone I saw with a T3, and posting to the VeDubbers forums, I have ended up getting a rear seat custom made instead of buying a 2nd hand original.

Belmore Auto Conversions did it for me for $1700.
The seat folds back and forward, comes out of the van easily, stands freely on its own (to make an outdoor lounge by the camp fire I guess), and makes for a comfy bed with plenty of room for 2.
I think Belmore did a pretty good job. Its a nice and simple seat, comfy enough, and they did it for me very quickly. Astrid was a pleasure to deal with, making me feel good about the whole thing from the start.

Sunshine and I slept in it at Shelly Beach near Manly the other night. It rained all night but we slept well. The material is a little course, being semi synthetic and all, so a bed sheet over it to sleep is a good idea.

You may notice in the last photo the little sliding window in the side door. I had 2 installed (1 on the other side) by CBB for $120. I found the windows on OzzyVeeDubbers from a guy in Nowra. He sold them to me for $400 I think it was. I thought it was pretty dear, but apparently it was a good price. VW parts!...

So, slowly but surely I'm getting this van camper ready. Next step is a battery set up (booked in for March 12 with Warners Bay Battery World. I'm buying a pretty good set up and having it installed for just over $1000. Includes LifeLine Battery and case, Sine Inverter, Solar panel for trickle feed, some one way valve thingy that stops the panel discharging the battery, and another little thing that protects the car battery from being discharged.