13 March 2005

Sunset Climbing Again. Tal, Narrow Neck.

Sunshine and I managed to fit in another sunset climb today. We went back to Narrow Neck, but this time abseiled in over Cave Climb. We weren't expecting a 5O meter abseil, as the guide didn't really say exactly where the abseil was. We couldn't find a shorter one so ended up going down Cave Climb's route. We only brought one rope though, which meant we had to split the abseil into two 25 meter descents. There just so happened to be another couple climbing Cave who didn't mind us interrupting their peace and quite for a while, and let us use their anchors for the second decent.

The exciting abseil over and done with, we walked a fare way along the cliff base to find Tal. A 3 star grade 14 that Sunshine picked out.

Tal was a bit of a heart stopper actually. It has a couple of traverses and run out sections to worry about, but I think that may just be because I went off route. The direct line "Toll" - grade 16 looks like a real beauty by the way.

We combined the first and second pithes of Tal, with a great belay ledge to sit on.

First belay ledge, good to get to, roomy, flat, comfy and with great views.

The final pitch was a bit scrubby. Again, not sure if I was off route. Don't think I was, but a traverse right back over Toll would make it a pretty interesting trip.

Second belay ledge anchors.

There is a final pitch that can be added to the Tal experience, but we'll have to return another day for this as the sun was setting, and we were able to walk out from the second pitch. The add on final pitch looks pretty good though.

Sunsetting while sunshine coils the rope.

Images from Just Pictures


Toni Lee said...

Great pictures as usual. Must explain to me next time I see you what the 14 and 16 mean.

thepatriot15 said...

hey thanks for commenting on my blog.

of course, you already know of my views on the Iraq war so I'll try to refrain from talking too much about that. :) I do, however, think that being an American makes a huge difference in the way I feel towards terrorism and how we should deal with it. after losing 3,000 of our own people, I am not ready to simply accept what they have done and go on with whatever. Terrorism is a threat to my country and I am proud to support those who work so hard to defend me!

thanks again for your comment. I hope to always blog but in 10, 20 years I also plan on having a family of my own so I'll be pretty busy. :)

I hope my response has not offended you. thanks for your insight.


P.S. my sister always wanted to meet an Australian... they always looked so jolly in the movies. :)