16 January 2005

Blue Mountains Accident Register

The Blue Mountains Accident Register contains a list of accidents and incidents that have occured in the outdoor and adventure environment in the Blue Mountains region of Australia.

The principal aim of this site is to provide accurate and timely information on accidents and near misses that occur in this region. It is felt that the circulation of this information has benefits for all users of the outdoor environment and has the potential to increase the awareness of outdoor users and adventurers as to the likely contributing factors and causes of accidents. We hope that this increased awareness leads, in turn, to people having fewer accidents.


Toni Lee said...

Excellent to have this going - but where is it kept?

Leigh Blackall said...

I'm not sure. I have emailed the editors with my story of the saga on Empress but there has been bo reply, perhaps it's not up to date anymore. That'd be a shame.