17 January 2005

The First Service

I've booked the van in for a service with Custom Bugs and Buses on January 25th. I spoke to Mike and advised him that I'll want a few other things done as well. So none of us forget what those things are:

1. Full service, including oil, brakes, transmisson check, fuel line check, pipes and hoses, electrics.

2. Check fuel filter and tank as I had a fuel blockage when the tank went into reserve for the first time.

3. Replace coolant. I don't think the coolant is the right mix.

4. Check and advise on corroded exhaust system.

5. Discuss rear seat/bed design, quote and fit as agreed.

6. Discuss a 2nd 12 volt battery with house hold socket set up for perifials. Recommend a good VW experienced sparky for the job.

7. Quote on rear step and tow ball installation.

8. Quote on installation of 2 sliding windows in rear.

9. Advise on roof rack system.

10. Remove small amount of rust on rear door drains.


Leigh Blackall said...

Mike and Geoff did a pretty good job for a good price I thought. Mike makes a point of his services being very thorough too, which normally includes an engine clean - but he told me he'd do it at the new workshop when he has better equipment (March 7).

They drained and refilled the coolant OK - a job I think better left to a workshop as it is hard to get the air out of the pipes without an all car lifter.

They replaced the oild and filter, but I found that there was only minimum oil in there a week later - easy enough to top up, but the rattle of a dry engine had me worried for a few days til I figured it was not enough oil.

They also cleaned out the oil filter which was as I suspected - chocka. Since the service I have been forced to run the tank low again, and I get a the occasional dead spot again. Will have to clean or replace the filter again and have the tank flushed if its possible.

Mike pointed out that the muffler has indeed rusted away and will need to be replaced. He quoted $160 for the job which I agreed to and said I'd book it in when they've finished moving to the new workshop.

I still need to get a quote for a roof rack system, and ask them about a simple frame in the back that offers shelving, storage and support for the rear matress.

Am putting off the toe ball for now.

Leigh Blackall said...

Fuel filter, not oil filter