14 January 2005

Sunset Climbs With Sunshine

After a great afternoon at the Dam Cliffs swimming, Sunshine and I went back to climb Hocus Pocus at sunset. And what a magic moment it was. Sunshine was a totally different climber. Calm, focused, graceful, zoned. It was an absolute pleasure just to be pearched on that beautiful cliff over looking the valley way below, quietly taking in the rope as Sunshine worked her way up. We stopped at the top to eat a bag of kettles and drink a bottle of cordial while a cresent moon crowned the horizon.
Sunset climbs with Sunshine on easy grades - the new thing for us.
Like Sunshine said, "we're in a movie!"

Camera should be back soon to show you what words can't describe.


Toni Lee said...

What a wonderful experience - what a shame the camera is out of action. At least I can imagine it all since my visit. Hope you 2 can do the Mt Warning sunrise hike with me this year - rather tame after your adventures. Natural Arch is another landmark here that would interest you both - a small canyon I guess. Will try an email you photos of my visit there.

Adski said...

What did you end up doing with your camera Leigh? get another the same or an optio?

Leigh Blackall said...

I sent my Olympus MJU Mini back under warantee. They ended up recallobrating the focal settings in the lense and now it works pretty good.
I bought a water housing for it a while ago as well, but because the camera is digital, it generates heat, and therefore is prone to fogging up with condensation :(